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How To Increase Your Blog's Traffic


Do You Want More Visitors in Your Blog?

Welcome to PopularBlog! This site is intended for people who wants to attract more visitors to their blogs. Technically, these visitors are called "traffic" Here are some techniques to improve the rate of your blog's traffic:

1. Be Unique
The first thing you need to know in order to drive more visitors (traffic) to your blog is to be the very first, or one of the firsts to have a certain topic.  You should write articles that people want to read and share.

2. Love Your Topic
You should have enough knowledge and the passion to be an expert in your field.  Share your expertise generously so people recognize it and depend on you. At the same time digest the good ideas of other people.

3. Announce News
Write and announce news that have to do with the topic of your blog.  Never write about your dog, your friends, or your neighbor's new pair of pants.

4. Don't Be Boring!
Keep your posts brief and very informative, a never-ending parade of different subtopics is better.  Because long single posts tend to bore your visitors.

     Another good tip is to keep your posts interconnected.  This kind of posting technique would make your visitors excited for your next post.  Eventually, you will see visitors coming back regularly.  You can also try to be daring, don't be afraid to say what you think about others.  Just like famous Hollywood stars, once you write a daring article about someone or something, you attract more people who would be curious about your post.

     You can also include interactive content, such as: polls, meters, a shoutbox, RSS Feeds, Diggs and other eye candy.  Any kind of interaction will dramatically increase your blog's traffic rate.

5. Tag Posts
When posting your work, keep in mind to always use tags.  Putting tags will make it easier for your visitors to search for certain topics or subtopics that interests them.  This is either by searching from within your blog or from an internet search engine such as Google, which will bring lots of visitors (traffic).

6. Comments, and more comments
Add a way for your visitors to comment on your posts, either through a comments page or through a simple shoutbox.  Also keep in mind to regularly give a feedback to your visitors when they comment on something.  This will make them keep coming back more often.

7. Post With Photos
Use photos and other images in your posts.  It is more appealing for visitors to read posts with related photos or pictures.  But remember to keep your images small in size (around 100kb each) yet very clear (use .jpeg) so your blog will be easy to access, especially for people with slow internet connections.

8. Learn From The Experts
Link to popular sites which have similar topics as to yours.  If you are to put a link in your post, keep it at a minimun, around one or two links per post are enough.  And always remember to give credit to those who have inspired you to write a certain post or in general, the ones that inspired you to create your whole blog.

9. Catchy Design
Assume that every day is a new beginning, because you will always have new blog visitors.  Make sure that your blog is eye-catching and yet not irritating to look at, since most readers tend to leave immediately if they see that the design isn't that apealing or is straining to the eyes.

10. Posting Days
It is recommended that you post on your blog on a daily basis, better yet, more than one post a day. But if you can't afford to use up your time writing articles all day, you can post on a weekly basis, preferably during weekends, since these are the days when there are more people on the internet.

The techniques mentioned above, with continuous practice and lots of patience, are enough to make your blog lively with hundreds of traffic going in and out regularly. If you see that your traffic rate is still low, just keep making posts and be patient.

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